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About Us
About Us

Company introduction
Dongxuan Industrial supplies Co.,Ltdwas founded in 2003, is a modern enterprise specialized in industrial field. Mainly engaged in the sale of industrial products, procurement outsourcing services, and so on. It specializes in brand tools, labor insurance products, metal processing supplies, instrumentation, handling equipment, machinery and equipment, mechanical components and related products and comprehensive industrial supplies.

corporate culture
The company pursues good faith, rigorous, modest and pragmatic enterprise purpose, pays attention to the construction of enterprise brand and enterprise integrity, and attaches importance to product quality and service quality.

New mode of cooperation
Over the years, the company is committed to building a new cooperation mode, serving the sophisticated, productive and trading enterprises, providing customers with MRO procurement solutions. We are constantly seeking to make the purchase and sale more simply, reduce the cost of business operation, and improve the competitiveness of the market. While ensuring the advantage of quality and price, through good faith transaction, we can reach a long - term cooperation with customers to achieve the goal of win-win.

Corporate honor
In 2005, the honorary certificate of the demonstration unit of good faith operation in Dalian was obtained.
In 2009, ISO9001 quality management system certification.

Enterprise advantage
For Dong Xuan, the trust and entrustment of the customer is our most valuable resource. We have huge supplier team and group purchasing advantages, various product categories and sufficient spot reserves, which not only improve the cost-effective MRO material supply, logistics and transportation, but also provide 24 hours after-sales service and technical support for customers. Avoid customers' worries about the use of products.

Enterprises 'desire
Dong Xuan will do your best to contribute to your future development. We will always keep our promise and serve the future. Check customer needs, exceed customer expectations.

Create first-class service and build first-class enterprise!

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